Hurricane Protection

Tropical cyclones are a frequent phenomenon along the U.S. East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricanes can cause devastating damages to your property.

We are actively monitoring the trajectories of all tropical cyclones. If a major hurricane approaches and strikes close to your house, we pay you an emergency cash. You can use this money to pay for any damages caused by the hurricane, for example repairs to your house, replacement of damaged items, extra living expenses, cost to remove a fallen tree, lost wages.

Buy yourself the piece of mind and get emergency cash when you need it the most. Get protected by Parachute!


It’s super easy to get a quote. You only have to give us your zip code.

Straight Forward

You don’t need to file a claim, we initiate this for you. There are no deductibles, no exclusions nor other “bad” claim surprises. We focus on getting the emergency cash to you as quickly as possible.


Built on a modern, data-driven platform, we cut out the “waste” and unnecessary expenses to be able to offer you the protection you need at low rates.


Claims are triggered by objective data based on trusted data sources. You can access and review the data anytime.